Renovation Nation is looking for Pennsylvania communities to visit that may be featured in the show.  The ideal scenario is to find two properties that are in close proximity to each other, preferably on the same block.  Two teams of designers, one for each property, would then completely renovate the existing structures working around the clock for five straight days.  Upon completion the homes will be considerably improved and should provide a lasting positive impact on the neighborhood.
The show would like to feature various architectural styles throughout the country and hopes that there may be an opportunity to showcase a signature style from specific regions.  The more architecturally unique, the better.  While residential properties are the main focus at this time, the production is also interested in the possibility of renovating other types of structures.  Storefronts, loft spaces, hotels, roadside motels, mobile homes, and theaters could all be considered if the right opportunity presents itself.   
They are looking for properties in Pennsylvania to scout, please contact us to submit properties.  Additionally, if you know of any local organizations dedicated to neighborhood revitalization and renewal that may be interested in providing/donating properties as described above contact us.  Please feel free to pass this information on. 

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