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  • Age Range: 60-70
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Salt & Pepper
  • Height: 5'-6"
  • Weight: 159 lbs
  • Unions: SAG AFTRA
  • City: New York
  • State: NY

Special Skills

Voice-over talent, game show host and announcer.  Can play most sports. Tennis, softball, excellent swimmer, volleyball, etc.

Industry Experience

Feature Films/TV Films

Spiderman 3     Dir: Sam Raimi      Pawn shop owner      Columbia
The Juror     Dir. Brian Gibson Tim Carlson      TV reporter      Columbia
Highlander     Dir. Russell Mulcahy      Radio announcer      Thorn/EMI
Janek Dir. Robert Iscove (TV)      Mr, Foxworth      CBS
The Ice Storm     Dir. Ang Lee      Mr. Schwimmer      Icy Films
Across the Universe     Dir: Julie Taymor      Dancing businessman      Revolution Studios

Miscellaneous TV and Radio

CBS Television: Per diem network staff announcer (promos & commercials)
CBS Television: Program and promo announcer, " 60 Minutes "
WPIX-TV, New York: Announcer/Reporter/Newscaster/Program Host
PBS Television: Host, "AnswerWise" quiz program/V/O promo announcer
New York State Lottery: "Lotto" back-up TV host
WOR Radio: Staff announcer
WNET and WNYC-TV: Promo and staff announcer
WYNY, WQXR, WNBC: Newscaster/Street reporter


Stage Shadows Mystery Players (NYC) : Various roles in "The Shadow" and "The Casebook of Gregory Hood". Dir. Amanda Gallaghre Print: AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Commercials and

V/Os (Partial List)

Wall Street Journal Oldsmobile Citicorp Sentry Hardware Sheraton Hotels ATT IBM Taystee Bread AARP Loews/"Rent" Krakus Ham Pillsbury Cake Mix Kaiser-Permanente E-Trade Guest Quarters Suites

Industrials & Narrations (Partial List)

American Express General Motors U.S. Navy Coca Cola HBO/HBO Sports King Features AT&T Microsoft Sharp Electronics IBM Sony Hartford Insurance